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About Sneaky Sasquatch

About Sneaky Sasquatch is playing the life of Sasquatch, an outcast by the rangers forced to live on the empty side of the campground. As Sasquatch you must stop the evil Mr. Pemberton from buying Sasquatch National Park, by finding hidden treasure somewhere in Sasquatch Valley. While also saving the park you get to adventure and discover the various activities and places all over Sasquatch finding map pieces that will lead you to the treasure. Once you you save the campground you find out Mr. Pemberton still isn't done with his shenanigans. You must infiltrate R Corp and rise through the ranks finally put an end to all of Mr. Pemberton's evil schemes. Then, you need to solve the mystery of the polluted lake!

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Recent Update

Sasquatch must become a cop and scuba dive around and investigate the sewers to save the lake and park.

Upcoming Update

The Motorcycles and Bicycle update will be the next update. Sasquatch will be riding motorcycles and Bicycles and do jumps. He will also be able to Customize his cars.


Gameplay Activities Locations Buildings Items Characters Quests
Updates Golf Ski Mountain Stop & Snack Fish Sasquatch Main Quest
Vehicles Skiing Sasquatch Valley Supermarket Tools Bear Dig Spots
Ranger Danger Fishing Town Backpack Supply Co. Food Raccoon Hidden Cache
Time Racing RV Park Arcade Duck Map Pieces
Weather Photography Cave Cafe Disguises Fisher Photography
Raccoin Surfing River Diner License Fox News Photos
Sneaking Taxi Service Maze Bank Books Golf Pro
Eating Lake R Corp Furniture Track Dude
Houses Campground Police Station Backpacks Talking Fish
Golf Course Apartments Ranger
Race Track Clothing Delivery Dude
Island Furniture Warehouse Mr. Pemberton
Marina Ranger Station Spectator
Home Skier
Sawmill Ski Pro
Workshop Construction Duck
Pro Shop RV Dude
Car Dealership Police chief
Town Hall
Ski Shop
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